The Story

Priest Hunter

The Genesis of Priest Hunter started when Shawn McPherson (Shootie HG) asked Skip Shea if they could do a project that would merge his music with the theme of Shea's filmography of combating and exposing clergy sexual abuse. 

Written by McPherson and Shea the story is about Dan, who has recently been released from a mental hospital and gets a caretaker job rehabbing an old abandoned diocesan property with the help of his mother Claire and Father Daurghty. 

Soon Dan starts hearing a child's voice that directs him to an old file cabinet that holds the files of every pedophile priest that has served in the area. And beg Dan to extract revenge.

A mini-pilot has been produced while they production team prepares the script for full production of a  series. 

The full pilot script is available for interested producers and investors.


Shawn McPherson
Skip Shea

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