"Brutally, unapologetic... Skip Shea is the hand of cinema justice that needs to be witnessed and the Priest Hunter, is the weapon of truth." 

Jay Kay (HorrorHound Magazine & Horror Happens Radio)

“Priest Hunter is the Anti-Hero we need in this backwards world we live in.”


Bill Fulkerson (Outside the Cinema)

“Priest Hunter delivers an emotionally impactful story!”


Cornelius Burroughs (From the Canopy Podcast)

“Priest Hunter is a haunting and thought-provoking short film that proves the world is full of monsters, and the most terrifying of them all is man. Along with well-placed dialogue and satisfying gore, this film serves as a wakeup call to an alarming issue that has been swept under the rug for decades. There's no forgiveness for those who have sinned; when you prey in the name of the Father, no God can save your soul.”

Ashes Von Nitemare (Throwdown Thursday Podcast)


Shawn McPherson
Skip Shea

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